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The public defender's office of The Chamber of Advocates of RA

Public Defender’s Office (PDO) was founded for providing free legal aid to socially insecure people of the Republic of Armenia under a procedure and in cases prescribed by law.

A Public Defender working in PDO is an advocate who works, as presented by the Head of PDO, based on the employment contract signed with the Chairman of the RA Chamber of Advocates. Public Defenders are remunerated from the state budget in amount and under procedure prescribed by law.

Free legal aid on criminal cases is done based on the decision of the body performing proceedings through appointment of a PD by the PDO Head. On civil, administrative and constitutional cases free legal aid is provided based on applications of citizens in cases and under procedure prescribed by law. 

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Beneficiaries of PDO

In case of applying to the Public Defender's Office, free legal aid is provided to the following 16 groups of people, except the suspect or the accused (the assistance provided by the demand of the body conducting the proceedings)

Group 1

Members of families of soldiers who died during the defense of RA borders

Group 2

People with 1st and 2nd category disability

Group 3


Group 4

Members of families registered in the family insecurity evaluation system who have insecurity points above

Group 5

Participants of military actions during the Great Patriotic War and defense of the borders of the Republic of Armenia

Group 6

The unemployed

Group 7

Pensioners living alone

Group 8

Children deprived of parental care, as well as persons falling into the category of children deprived of parental care

Group 9


Group 10

People who received temporary protection in the Republic of Armenia

Group 11

Insolvent natural persons, who present trustworthy data confirming their insolvency.

Group 12

Persons with mental disorders who receive treatment in psychiatric institutions

Group 13

Person recognized under a procedure defined by law as a victim or special victim by the commission of identification of victims of human trafficking and abuse

Group 14

Asylum seekers in the Republic of Armenia

Group 15

To persons victim to tortures, for the purpose of receiving compensation under the procedure defined by article 1087.3 of the RA Civil Code


People subjected to domestic violence according to the RA law on Prevention of Domestic Violence, Protection of People Subjected to Domestic Violence and Restoration of Solidarity in the Family



Public Defender Positions (2020)


Satisfied applications from citizens in 2020


Applications were received from the proceeding authorities in 2020


Acts of 2020


PDO Head and his two deputies

Gevorg Mkrtchyan

Head of PDO

Tamara Baghdasaryan

Deputy Head of PDO (criminal law direction)

Mariam Petrosyan

First Deputy Head of PDO (civil law direction)