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Head of PDO

Gevorg Mkrtchyan

The Head of the Public Defender’s Office is appointed by the Board of the Chamber of Advocates, as presented by the Chairman of the Chamber of Advocates from the members with at least ten years of advocacy experience, for four years time period.

The Office is led by RA Chamber of Advocates member, Advocate Melanya Arustamyan (license N 1229). 

Officio head of the Public Defender's Office:

1) represents the Public Defender's Office;

2) Organize the provision of equally accessible and effective legal assistance in cases provided by law;

3) divide the work among public defenders;

4) make decisions to ensure the normal functioning of the Public Defender's Office;

5) make a decision on granting a decision or application for public protection and referring the case to the Public Defender or refusing an application for public protection;

6) oversees the quality and terms of legal assistance provided by public defenders;

7) submits a petition of disciplinary proceedings against a public defender.

8) can apply to state or local self-government bodies or businesses to check the insolvency of insolvent persons, as well as information needed to provide free legal assistance.